mardi 22 avril 2014

safia the music lover

Let's say it's it's a weird and exciting feeling at the same time to write my first article, I thought about sooo many topic, but Ithink my love to music decided to make an appearance I'm not going any further I'll be listing my favorit songs in period  "teenage" "now" and hope you  enjoy it :

-Is the Life -hannah MONTANA
-who said -hannah MONTANA
-nobody's perfect-hannah MONTANA
-old blue jeans-hannah montana
-girl friend-avril laving
-Carousel-linking park
-Crawling-linking park
-Nobody's Listening-linking park
-numb-linking park
-In the End-linking park
-burn it down-linking park
-dirty little secret-all american rejercts
-one more sad song-all american rejects
-give you hell-all american rejects
-feather in the wind-mindy gledhill
-I do adore-mindy gledhill
-all about your heart-mindy gledhill
-Bad Woman-arctic monkeys
-music non stop-kraftwerk

and the list goes on and on i can't list all my fav unforgettable songs : I currently  have an addiction on
K-POP just mentioning G-dragon, GIRL'S GENERATION , 2ne1, big bang, LEE HI , KAHI ,
well a friend of mine just remined me that my playlist had some k-pop songs in 2009 maybe don't remember actualy , DAL SHABET 5dolls as well , nowadays I don't feel like intrested in listening to their music  my taste changed a lot , I find that the MAROON5 are cool some of their songs still stuck in my head, katy perry as well , , daft punk

while writing this article I've discoverd a funny thing , i don't like a specific type of music .
enjoy reading <3 much love

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